Yandere No Sutoka | Version 1.1 | General Improvements Update!

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Why is there a blood pool underneath the locker?…

Changes / Fixes / Additions

  • Made sure the game automatically hides the voice recognition option when it’s unavailable. (Voice Recognition is Windows 10 only)
  • Made sure the game skips the voice recognition selection scene when it’s unavailable.
  • Replaced the Shadows option to a High Quality option which now also affects post effects.
  • Tweaked the AI to not throw knives at you if the AI is very close behind you.
  • Attempted to tweak Pathfinding to prevent the AI from getting stuck.
  • Replaced the Background Ambience with a less repetitive track.
  • Added the ability for the AI to say a random phrase in a regular interval. Some of Ayano’s lines were never heard unless voice recognition was off.
  • Added something spooky to lockers…

The download link can be found under the download page.

I hope that this update makes the general experience more enjoyable!
I am still thinking of various future updates that I may want to make so expect there to be an update again in the near future!

Thanks for reading and I hope you had a nice halloween!

24 thoughts on “Yandere No Sutoka | Version 1.1 | General Improvements Update!”

    1. у меня скачивается не архив, а фото, как мне сам архивскачать?


  1. when i downloaded it it said i don’t have the app associate with it, so i’m wondering what the app is called ._.


  2. I downloaded this on Halloween, and I’ve only won once in the two days I’ve been playing it. (I’ll get better at some point. :D) You did an amazing job with this, and it’s fun. (Why do I feel like I’m writing a review xD)
    I do have a couple of glitches though. I could enter a locker at the start of the game before Yandere-kun knows where I am, and he’d find me in seconds. And Also I seem to be glitching on top the table sometimes. I’m not even sure how it happens, but Yan-kun enters the room, walks up to the table, and I teleport on top of it.
    It’s still a fun game regardless though. My friend and I played both Saiko No Sutoka, and Yandere No Sutoka together and talked about what was happening on Discord. We had a lot of fun and agreed to do it again sometimes.
    Hope you continue to make fantabulous mods and other fun things,
    -MaggieDarktorch ❤ 🙂


  3. Hello are you interested in dubbing the game in Japanese? I have a friend that can help with this. Please email me if you’re interested.


  4. this yandere no sokuta is a very awesome game like those animations I feel like that was happening in real life and I really enjoyed that I have won two games in three days this is the best game ever and please make more updates like this thankyou


  5. I’ve downloaded the file, but how do I actually play it. It keeps asking me to chose an app


  6. I am afraid I encountered a problem with the game. I am sure I have done everything correctly, but the game does not detect my voice nor microphone. Any ideas what did I do wrong?


  7. i really wanna download it whenever i do and start it gives a blank black screen and dosen’t start and gives a error of unity please fix this i really wanna play :C


  8. Its saying, “This file does not have an app associated with it for performing this action. Please install a app or, if one is already installed, create a association in the Default Apps Settings page.” What does that mean?


  9. When I downloaded this game, everything suited me, but when I started playing, for some reason, my camera did not turn! If you know the answer to my question, please tell me! In general, the game is very cool)


  10. when i installed the app it installed a block note file instead of the game…
    Which apps do i need for download it??


  11. How should Yandere react on my voice? I tried to talk to her but nothing happened. I tried 2 different microphones.


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