YandereDev’s greatest Nightmare | 1.5 Update!

It has been 3 days since I’ve released the original Update of YandereDev’s greatest Nightmare, the first 2 Days I did nothing in particular, I worked on other stuff and did things for school, 2 Hours ago I though hey, why not releasing a new Update for the game! This is what I did and here is the latest version!


If you want to read more about this update click continue reading!

Changes, Fixes, Additions

  • Fixed the bug that caused YandereDev to be slightly red if you die while the Hit color was applied.
  • Made the Camera centered and no longer slightly on the left side, so its easier to see.
  • Made the UI Elements on the top left smaller.
  • There now is a new Enemy type, he runs much faster then Midori and in the future he will get more special traits!
  • I’ve added a easter egg in the title menu when you go to the extra screen, you need to type the name of a popular Youtuber, only the first word..
    (Make sure to write me a discord message, I wonder who’s first and maybe there is a reward! 🙂 ).


I know that this update is quite small, that is why I call it the 1.5 Update and not the 2.0 Update, since I still want to add some more content before calling the 2.0 Update finished. I hope you’ll still like it though!


Thanks for reading!
AMZE | Ramon.

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