Kokona as a Rival | November Progress Report

Wow, there has been a lot of stuff releasing today, 2 videos, and a update to my fangame.

Hello, if you haven’t seen it yet there has been a new Update to Yandere Devs greatest Nightmare, you might want to check it out!

I hope you are looking forward to the Mod, I wanted to share a checklist with all required things that I’ll need to do until I can release the mod!

• 5 Events throughout the week;
• A Confession Cutscene;
• Unique Rival traits;
• 3 Unique Eliminations;
• Obstacle;

So, sorry that it is not ready yet! I hope you’ll be looking forward to it!

Thanks for reading.
AMZE | Ramon.

1 thought on “Kokona as a Rival | November Progress Report”

  1. This mod is gonna be amazing! Like Kokona is a test rival, becuase you can kill her in many ways, but now, with your mod, Kokona will a “DLC/oficial rival”, and also thank you for bring her back her purple stockings!

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