YandereDev’s greatest Nightmare is released!

After 2 months I’ve finally completed the promised Halloween game! You might already know about it! YandereDev’s greatest Nightmare!
If you want to read more about the development and about its features make sure to click on read further button!

If you are wondering why it took me 2 months to complete such a simple type of game then here is my explanation:

Recently I’m quite busy with School, have a lot of exams, its always the same near Christmas time, where all the side subject exams are being written. This took me quite a lot of time that I could have spent on working for this and other stuff.
If I kinda calculate how long I really spent on it it is around 48 Hours /  2 days in total over a span of 1.5 – 2 months. That’s not much right? If I would have had more time I’d have finished it in around 2-3 days entirely but that wasn’t the case.

In the end I felt quite statisfied with the way the product looked in the end, the Neon CRT vibe really gives it that last polishment I had in mind.

Not to mention that I basically recieved most of the Assets only DAYS before Halloween, so it was hard to estimate if I will finish it in time.

Over the span of 2 Months, I had a lot of fun working on that game, it felt great to be able to design every aspect of it and create concepts and turn them into reality. I think I had the most fun while designing the Title Screen I really love the way it looks, with the moving Logo, the stylish UI and the slightly moving Camera it gave it the vibe I wanted.
Throughout the time I spent working on it, I hit the point where I felt like nothing worked out, nothing fit, everything looked cheap, what really helped me was placeholders back then since they pushed me a small step closer to my goal.
When I hit the part where I’ve been replacing the remaining Assets that are placeholders, I’ve started to create the small End cutscene, it was really fun to make Amai have lip sync voice.

In the end I can say that I’ve generally enjoyed making everything!…

The Trailer is one of the worst things I’ve ever created…
I don’t know how you guys feel but I’m VERY disappointed in myself for creating such a piece of garbage.

Especially since the thing I was looking forward to the most was creating a trailer for the game… I’m quite sad by now that it turned out this way… I wish that today was not Halloween and rather the start of October, but since I’ve got no Time machine and I won’t change the fact now we’ll have to stick with it for NOW.

Enough about what I really like about my own project, more about what it is about…

Okay, you basically play as YandereDev and shoot Midoris which won’t go out of your way. Near the end you’ll encounter a Boss (Amai), simple straightforward shooting endless runner game.

Now you might wonder why I choose Amai? Well…
For people who follow me since April this year they might remember that I’ve created a small Kuudere Simulator fangame called: Amai Simulator.
I wanted my Halloween game to be based around the same Character as my April Fools game was.

But there are going to be Updates for the Halloween game I’ve made, you can look forward to:

– New Enemy types,
– Extras (Model Viewer, EasterEggs, YouTuber modes),
– Polishments,
– More…

With that said, if you want to download the game, make sure to click on the Download page on my blog, there you can download the latest version of YandereDev’s greatest Nightmare.


I want to take the time and thank a few people who have been helping out with the game by either just Playtesting or by providing assets, its definitly not granted that people help out as much as they did for me, so I’d like to take the time and thank those people.

Thank you SizeableMovie for your AWESOME Amai Character Model!
You are a great modeler and I really like the look of your models they look pretty high quality!

Thank you ThatSaikouCoconut for creating the YandereDev Model! It really helped differenciating Senpai and YandereDev more easily! I always like your stuff, your Models look pretty cool same for your art! Thanks for helping me out!

Thank you Cleveland Rock for creating a Soundtrack for the game! Even if we had slight problems with it first you did a great job on it! It really fit in with the style! The beats were quite nice!

Thank you TunnelBerg for creating amazing Voice lines in TURBO SPEED! It took you only 20 Minutes to create ALL voice lines in such a quality! It is always nice to work with you! Thanks!

Special Thanks to YandereDev for generally creating Yandere Simulator, if that game wouldn’t exist, I’d not write this blog post and would have never created this Project!
I love your game, ideas and generally your Characters, Thanks for offering this game to us!

~~ Playtesters ~~

Thank you Abcight for helping me by giving me advice, or generally giving suggestions and helping me out! It definitly is apprechiated!

Thank you Lukfu for giving me advice when I needed it! It really helped me out!
(Sorry that I did not add Itachi.. Maybe I’ll add him in a future Update? >_>)

Thank you EpicMeal for giving me your thoughts on certain things that I showed you!
It definitly improved stuff!

Thank you Kuchiu for cheering me up and generally giving me ideas on the Gameplay!
Thanks a lot!



I think you guys have noticed that I’m quite happy to have finally released this project it feels awesome to be able to relax and see people enjoy it!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll have a nice Halloween!
AMZE | Ramon.

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