Date your Rivals is now Released!

After 12 Hours of hard work I’ve finally finished my small 5 minute long dating simulator “Date your Rivals”.

If you think that the current game doesn’t have enough story and gamplay.
Then I totally agree with you! I’m planning to update it in the future!

You can download the game on the download page on my website!
Have a nice April Fools!

Thanks for reading.
AMZE | Ramon.


YandereDev’s greatest Nightmare | 1.5 Update!

It has been 3 days since I’ve released the original Update of YandereDev’s greatest Nightmare, the first 2 Days I did nothing in particular, I worked on other stuff and did things for school, 2 Hours ago I though hey, why not releasing a new Update for the game! This is what I did and here is the latest version!


If you want to read more about this update click continue reading!

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The download page is now available!

Hello, I wanted to announce that I’ve added the download page by now!
You’ll be able to download my mods and smaller games from it!

Currently there is no download yet but…

at 31.10.2018 0:00 AM  CET. 
You can download the first small game on there!
YandereDev’s greatest Nightmare.

Thanks for reading!
AMZE | Ramon.

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